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Lactate Assay Kit (55R-1450)

Assay Kit for detection of Lactate in the research laboratory

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Product Name
Lactate Assay Kit
Catalog No
100 assays
Lactate Assay, Lactate Kit
Assay Kit for detection of Lactate in the research laboratory
Abnormal high concentration of lactate has been related to disease states such as diabetes and lactate acidosis, etc. L(+)-Lactate is the major stereo-isomer of lactate formed in human intermediary metabolism and is present in blood. D(-)-Lactate is also present but only at about 1-5% of the concentration of L(+)-Lactate. In the Lactate Assay Kit, lactate specifically reacts with a enzyme mix to generate a product, which interacts with lactate probe to produce color (570 nm) and fluorescence (at Ex/Em = 535/587 nm). The kit provides a convenient means for detecting L(+)-Lactate in biological samples such as in blood circulation, in cells, in culture mediums, in fermentation mediums, etc. There is no need of pretreatment or purification of samples. The kit can detect 0.001-10 mM of various Lactate samples.
Form & Buffer
Assay Kit containing the folllowing: Lactate Assay Buffer, Lactate Probe (in DMSO), Lactate Enzyme Mix, L(+)-Lactate Standard (100 nmol/ul)
Store at -20 deg C
Functional Assay