Adrenaline/Noradrenaline/Dopamine ELISA Kit (3-CAT) (55R-1858)

Adrenaline/Noradrenaline/Dopamine ELISA Kit for the rapid quantitative determination of Adrenaline, Noradrenaline and Dopamine in urine

Synonyms Epinephrine ELISA Kit, Norepinephrine ELISA Kit, Noradrenaline ELISA Kit, Dopamine ELISA Kit, 3-CAT ELISA Kit, DA ELISA Kit, Adrenaline ELISA Kit
Applications ELISA
Assay Information Sensitivity: Adrenaline - 0.5 ng/ml, Noradrenaline - 1.7 ng/ml, Dopamine - 3 ng/ml urine Standard Range: Adrenaline 0/1.5 - 240 ng/ml, Noradrenaline 0/7.5 - 1,200 ng/ml, Dopamine 0/25 - 4000 ng/ml


Form & Buffer Kit Contents: 96 Well Microtiter plate 6 x Standards 2 x Controls

Storage & Safety

Storage Store at 2-8 deg C

General Information

Biological Significance The neurotransmitter in the brain that plays vital roles in a variety of different behaviors particularily pleasure and motivation is referred to as Dopamine. Adrenaline and Nordrenaline two separate but related hormones secreted by the medulla of the adrenal glands.

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Adrenaline/Noradrenaline/Dopamine ELISA Kit (3-CAT) Protocol

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