Albumin antibody (70R-5386)

Rabbit polyclonal Albumin antibody raised against the N terminal of ALB

Synonyms Polyclonal Albumin antibody, Anti-Albumin antibody, PRO1341 antibody, PRO0903 antibody, PRO0883 antibody, DKFZp779N1935 antibody, Albumin antibody
Specificity Albumin antibody was raised against the N terminal of ALB
Cross Reactivity Human
Applications WB
Immunogen Albumin antibody was raised using the N terminal of ALB corresponding to a region with amino acids YGEMADCCAKQEPERNECFLQHKDDNPNLPRLVRPEVDVMCTAFHDNEET
Assay Information Albumin Blocking Peptide, catalog no. 33R-10104, is also available for use as a blocking control in assays to test for specificity of this Albumin antibody


Immunohistochemical staining using Albumin antibody (70R-5386)



Host Rabbit
Method of Purification Affinity purified
Molecular Weight 66 kDa (MW of target protein)
Form & Buffer Lyophilized powder. Add 50ul distilled water for a 1mg/ml concentration of ALB antibody in PBS
Concentration 1 mg/ml

Usage & Assay Information

Usage Recommendations WB: 1 ug/ml

Storage & Safety

Storage Store at 2-8 deg C for short periods. For longer periods of storage, store at -20 deg C. Avoid repeat freeze-thaw cycles.

General Information

Biological Significance Albumin is a soluble, monomeric protein which comprises about one-half of the blood serum protein. Albumin functions primarily as a carrier protein for steroids, fatty acids, and thyroid hormones and plays a role in stabilizing extracellular fluid volume. Albumin is a globular unglycosylated serum protein of molecular weight 65,000. Albumin is synthesized in the liver as preproalbumin which has an N-terminal peptide that is removed before the nascent protein is released from the rough endoplasmic reticulum. The product, proalbumin, is in turn cleaved in the Golgi vesicles to produce the secreted albumin.

Add a Paper

Steven P. Clavant, Steve A. Sastra, Tanya M. Osicka, Wayne D. Comper

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Clinical Biochemistry

Volume: 39 Issue: 2 Page: 143-151 DOI: 10.1016/j.clinbiochem.2005.10.013

Maryssa Canuela, Nihar Bhattacharyyab, Alejandro Balbisc, Libin Yuana, Carlos R. Morales

Sortilin and prosaposin localize to detergent-resistant membrane microdomains

Experimental Cell Research

Volume: 315 Issue: 2 Page: 240-247 DOI: 10.1016/j.yexcr.2008.10.009


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