Amphiphysin ELISA kit (55R-1891)

ELISA kit for the detection of Amphiphysin in the research laboratory

Synonyms Amphiphysin ELISA kit, Anti-Amphiphysin ELISA kit, AMPH ELISA kit, AMPH1 ELISA kit
Applications ELISA
Assay Information Sensitivity: < 0.99 ng/ml

General Information

Biological Significance Amphiphysin is a brain-enriched protein with an N-terminal lipid interaction, dimerisation and membrane bending BAR domain, a middle clathrin and adaptor binding domain and a C-terminal SH3 domain. In the brain, its primary function is thought to be the recruitment of dynamin to sites of clathrin-mediated endocytosis. There are 2 mammalian amphiphysins with similar overall structure. A ubiquitous splice form of amphiphysin 2 that does not contain clathrin or adaptor interactions is highly expressed in muscle tissue and is involved in the formation and stabilization of the T-tubule network. In other tissues amphiphysin is likely involved in other membrane bending and curvature stabilization events.

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