Bovine blood

The primary function of red blood cells is oxygen transport from the lungs to the body’s cells. Red blood cells contain an oxygen carrying protein called haemoglobin.

In the capillaries, the oxygen is released for use by the cells of the body. 97% of the oxygen that is carried by the blood from the lungs is carried by haemoglobin, the other three percent is dissolved in the plasma. Haemoglobin allows the blood to transport 30 to 100 times more oxygen than could be dissolved in the plasma alone.

Bovine red blood cells are similar to cats and horses with regard to size and shape but they are more resistant to rouleaux formation. For this reason bovine blood is very slow to settle out on standing.

Fitzgerald Industries offers high quality, glutaraldehyde-stabilized Bovine Red Blood Cells for use in research and diagnostic applications. Glutaraldehyde preserves the native antigenicity of the erythrocytes while rendering the cells generally resistant to lysis by ostmotic shock, freeze-thawing or immune hemolysis. We also supply a range of Bovine Red Blood Cell antibodies such as an unconjugated rabbiit polyclonal Bovine RBC antibody and conjugated antibodies such as  Bovine RBC antibody (Texas Red) and Bovine RBC antibody (FITC) conjugates, ideal for use in immunoassays and lateral flow applications.

In addition we provide numerous Bovine blood related products such as Bovine Serum and FBS.

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