Sheep blood

Red Blood Cells, also known as erythrocytes, develop in fetal liver and adult bone marrow via the process of erythropoiesis. The primary function of red blood cells is to bind oxygen via haemoglobin and deliver it to cells. Red blood cells are also capable of inducing vasodilatation by mediating the effects of nitric oxide in disease states such as pulmonary hypertension and sepsis. Specifically, red blood cells release S-nitrosothiols when haemoglobin molecules are deoxygenated, causing the smooth muscle in blood vessel walls to relax and promoting blood flow to oxygen-depleted tissues.

Red blood cells can also promote vasodilatation by releasing ATP under conditions of shear stress and induce an immune response when they are lysed by pathogens.

Sheep blood is one of the most widely used animal blood products in culture media.

Fitzgerald Industries supplies high quality glutaraldehyde-stabilized albumin sensitized Sheep Red Blood Cells which are supplied lyophilized with added sodium azide as a preservative. We also provide Sheep Red Blood Cells which have been Human IgG Senstitized.

We also offer a rabbit polyclonal Sheep RBC antibody which also comes in conjugated formats for use in FACS and immunofluoresence based applicationss - also available in Sheep RBC antibody (FITC) and Sheep RBC antibody (Texas Red) conjugated formats.

We also stock a range of Normal Sheep Serum for use in cell culture or as a blocking reagent and Sheep Serum Albumin for use in ELISA and western blottng. Visit our homepage today to see our full range of Animal serum and Red Blood Cells.