Calf Serum

Cells in culture require a source of nutrition, typically provided by cell culture media. The majority of these media require the addition of animal serum for cells to obtain the proper nutrients to grow adequately. Serum is an important source of proteins, lipids, vitamins, amino acids, salts, minerals, attachment factors, growth factors, hormones and other components essential for cell growth. 

Serum from calves provides many of the same nutrients as Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS), but has slightly higher protein levels. For many applications, Calf Serum (or Fetal Calf Serum, FCS) can be used as an alternative to the more expensive Fetal Bovine Serum.

Calf serum

Fitzgerald Industries offers high quality, sterile filtered Calf Serum, the ideal choice for any laboratory application requiring a serum albumin medium from cell culture to immunoassay development. We also supply a full range of Bovine Serum as well as serums from a variety of other species.

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