Mouse Serum

Animal serum is a multifunctional protein with an extremely high ligand binding capacity, making it a transporter molecule for a diverse range of metabolites, drugs, nutrients, and other molecules. Due to its ligand binding properties, albumins have wide clinical, pharmaceutical, and biochemical applications.

Fitzgerald Industries offers high quality Normal Mouse Serum as well a sterile filtered Mouse Serum for cell culture applications. In addition, we also provide a Protease free/IgG free Normal Mouse Serum for prevention of protein degradation and interference from IgGs in immunoassays.

Mouse Serum Albumin can also be used for use in cell culture, immunoassays and as a blocking agent in Western blotting, ELISA and IHC, while our Mouse Complement Serumwhich is a frozen high activity mouse complement serum for immunological procedures.

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