Rabbit Serum

Rabbit serum is a component of blood obtained from a rabbit that contains blood plasma without fibrinogen or other clotting factors. It is used for various processes in biological and chemical research, particularly in the areas of immunohistochemistry and immunocytochemistry. The use of a blocking serum such as rabbit serum is important because it prevents nonspecific binding and interaction between the antibodies and non-targeted antigens.

At Fitzgerald we offer a broad range of rabbit sera, including serum which has been adsorbed against another species such as this Rat Adsorbed Rabbit Serum which has been adsorbed against rat cells and filtered or this Mouse Adsorbed Rabbit Serum which has been preadsorbed against mouse cells. This adsorption process increases the specificity of the rabbit seum in blocking of non specific binding of proteins of the other species it has preadsorbed against.

We also stock regular Normal Rabbit Serum as well as serum which has been purified from US rabbits and comes as a Protease/IgG free Rabbit Serum.