Tumor Markers

Tumor markers are substances found in the blood, body fluids, or tissues that are produced by cancer cells. Tumor markers antibodies and antigens are used to detect the presence of certain types of cancer in the body as well as to monitor the progress and effectiveness of different cancer treatments and therapies, for screening healthy or high-risk individuals such as those with a familial history of cancer before symptoms develop, and for continuous monitoring of a patient to check for recurrence of the disease following remission.

Cancer remains an ever increasing cause of death in both the developed and developing world however early diagnosis is one of the key factors in successful treatment. Fitzgerald Industries offers a vast range of tumor marker antibodies and antigens for use in research or as part of diagnostic assays. Our high quality tumor marker antibodies are highly specific for their target antigens and are available for use in unconjugated form or conjugated to useful colorimetric and fluorimetric tags such as alkaline phosphatase (AP), horseradish peroxidase (HRP), biotin, Fluorescein (FITC), Phycoerythrin (PE) and more.

We also have a catalog of antibody pairs for tumor markers which can be used in ELISA, Lateral flow and RIA. These are validated pairs which can be optimized for any sandwich immunoassay.

Some of our most popular tumor marker antibodies include:

CA 50 antibody: CA-50 is a widely used tumor marker mainly found in gastro-intestinal carcinomas. Testing for CA50 is more useful for determining the effectiveness of treatment, rather than for cancer screening. This CA 50 antibody is a purified IgM and is specific for the human cancer antigen 50.

CA 125 antibody: Another of our most popular cancer antigen antibodies, CA 125 (MUC16) is the most frequently used biomarker for ovarian cancer detection. This CA 125 antibody is suitable for use both in ELISA and immunohistochemistry.

A selection of our validated CA 125 antibody pairs for assay development are as follows:

Capture AntibodyDetection Antibody
CA 125 mAb 10-C02E CA 125 mAb 10-C02F
CA 125 mAb 10-7895 CA 125 mAb 10-7896
CA 125 mAb 10-7895 CA 125 mAb 10-7897
CA 125 mAb 10-1455 CA 125 mAb 10-1454


PSA antibody: PSA or Prostate Specific Antigen was one of the earliest discovered cancer biomarkers. The blood level of PSA is often elevated in men with prostate cancer. When used in screening, the PSA test can help detect small tumors that do not cause symptoms. This PSA antibody is recommended for use in ELISA assays.

Try our validated PSA antibody pairs for assay development:

Capture AntibodyDetection Antibody
PSA mAb 10-1122 PSA mAb 10-1123
PSA mAb 10-1395 PSA mAb 10-1394
PSA mAb 10-3143 PSA mAb 10-3142
PSA mAb 10-P20E PSA mAb 10-P20D
PSA mAb 10-P21A PSA mAb 10-P20A
PSA mAb 10-P142A PSA mAb 10-7948
PSA mAb 10-7949 PSA mAb 10-7950
PSA mAb (Free) 10-1446 PSA mAb (Total) 10-1447


CA 15-3 antibody: CA 15-3 is a commonly used cancer antigen biomarker when assaying for breast cancer, offering very early detection. This monoclonal CA 15-3 antibody is excellent for assay use in ELISA, Immunohistochemistry and Western Blot.

Choose from a broad selection of CA 15-3 antibody pairs or contact us for recommendations:

Capture AntibodyDetection Antibody
CA 15-3 mAb 10-CA15D CA 15-3 mAb 10-CA15B
CA 15-3 mAb 10-CA15C CA 15-3 mAb 10-CA15B
CA 15-3 mAb 10-CA15A CA 15-3 mAb 10-CA15B
CA 15-3 mAb 10-1143 CA 15-3 mAb 10-1144
CA 15-3 mAb 10-1145 CA 15-3 mAb 10-1144
CA 15-3 mAb 10-1457 CA 15-3 mAb 10-1456
CA 15-3 mAb 10-1457 CA 15-3 mAb 10-1458
CA 15-3 mAb 10-1457 CA 15-3 mAb 10-1459
CA 15-3 mAb 10-C03F CA 15-3 mAb 10-C03E
CA 15-3 mAb 10-C03E CA 15-3 mAb 10-C03E


CA 19-9 antibody: CA 19-9 is commonly found in elevated levels in the blood of patients suffering from colon and pancreatic cancer, This CA 19-9 antibody can be used in both ELISA and Immunohistochemistry.

Our validated CA 19-9 antibody pairs are as follows:

Capture AntibodyDetection Antibody
CA 19-9 mAb 10-1148 CA 19-9 mAb 10-1149
CA 19-9 mAb 10-CA19A CA 19-9 mAb 10-CA19B



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