Viral antibodies

Antibodies to viruses are a crucial tool in diagnostic assays. Some of the most popular in vitro diagnostic or IVD kits for detection of viruses involve technologies such as lateral flow (a rapid test) and ELISA, where 2 antibodies are used as a sandwich for detection of the antigen from a blood or serum sample that is applied. Some of the most commonly used rapid tests for viruses are HIV kits which use HIV1 and HIV2 antibodies to detect the presence of HIV antigens in patient samples, such as Unigold HIV Rapid Tests developed by companies such as Trinity Biotech.

Fitzgerald Industries offer a huge range of virus antibodies and infectious disease antibodies which are ideally suited to viral researchers investigating the structure and pathogenesis of viruses or developing diagnostic assays to assist in their detection. Our viral antibodies are the perfect choice for researchers attempting to detect viruses in samples by various assay methods or to develop diagnostic tools for viruses such as hepatitis and HIV. The virus antibodies can be used in immunocytochemistry, Dot blot, Flow Cytometry, immunofluorescence, immunoprecipitation, Western blotting, immunohistochemistry and more.

We manufacture and supply antibodies for a huge range of viruses including HSV antibodies, RSV antibodies, Influenza A and B antibodies, Chlamydia antibodies... and many many more. Search our website for your target of interest.

Some of our most popular viral antibodies include:

HIV1 p24 antibody: We stock a large range of HIV1 p24 antibodies, which can be optimized for a large range of assays. This monoclonal HIV1 p24 antibody is excellent for lateral flow development and can be used in conjunction with its antibody pair HIV1 p24 antibody. Some of our best HIV antibody pairs are as follows:

Capture AntibodyDetection Antibody
HIV1 p24 mAb 10-1213 HIV1 p24 mAb 10-1216
HIV1 p24 mAb 10-1213 HIV1 p24 mAb 10-1218
HIV1 p24 mAb 10-1214 HIV1 p24 mAb 10-1216


Hepatitis C Virus NS3 antibody: The RNA helicase/protease NS3 plays a central role in the RNA replication of hepatitis C virus (HCV), a cytoplasmic RNA virus that represents a major worldwide health problem. NS3 is, therefore, an important drug target in the effort to combat HCV. This monoclonal Hepatitis C antibody is perfect for ELISA and immunohistochemistry.

Validated Hepatitis C Virus Antibody Pairs and Proteins:

Capture AntibodyDetection Antibody
HCV mAb 10-1515 HCV mAb 10-1517
HCV mAb 10-1516 HCV mAb 10-1517
HCV protein 30-AH72 HCV protein (HRP) 65-IH20
HCV protein 30-AH66 HCV protein 30-AH67 & HCV protein 30-AH68
HCV protein 30-AH66 HCV protein 30-AH67 & HCV protein 30-AH68
HCV protein 30-AH66 HCV protein 30-AH95


Dengue NS1 antibody:  Accurate and timely diagnosis of dengue virus is important for early detection of dengue virus infection, the dengue NS1 antigen is an early diagnostic marker in dengue virus infection. This Dengue NS1 antibody has shown excellent results in Lateral Flow applications. In addition, we have list a number of complementary Dengue products, such as Dengue IgG Positive Plasma and Dengue IgM Positive Plasma as well as purified Dengue proteins and antibodies against Dengue subtypes.

Check out our specialised Dengue Virus brochure for more details of our popular Dengue Virus Antibodies and Proteins.

Validated Dengue NS1 Antibody Pairs:

Capture AntibodyDetection Antibody
Dengue NS1 mAb 10-1506 Dengue NS1 mAb 10-1507
Dengue NS1 mAb 10-1507 Dengue NS1 mAb 10-1248
Dengue NS1 mAb 10-1507 Dengue NS1 mAb 10-1250


Rotavirus antibody:  This monoclonal Rotavirus antibody recognizes intact virus of Rotavirus strains RRV, WA & bovine. This Rotavirus antibody is highly pure and can be optimized with its matched antibody pair Rotavirus antibody in ELISA assays.

Other validated Rotavirus Antibody Pairs include:

Capture AntibodyDetection Antibody
Rotavirus mAb 10-3146 Rotavirus mAb 10-3146
Rotavirus mAb 10-R30C Rotavirus mAb 10-R30D
Rotavirus mAb 10-R30C Rotavirus mAb 10-R30E
Rotavirus VP6 mAb 10-1020 Rotavirus VP6 mAb 10-1022
Rotavirus VP6 mAb 10-1021 Rotavirus VP6 mAb 10-1022


Vaccinia virus antibody (FITC): Vaccination with vaccinia virus has been directly responsible for the successful eradication of smallpox (variola). Although the exact origins of vaccinia virus are uncertain, vaccinia may represent a hybrid of the variola and cowpox viruses. This purified polyclonal vaccinia virus is conjugated with an FITC tag.

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