Antibodies are raised against a specific target of interest. The primary antibody recognises and binds to the target epitope. At Fitzgerald Industries we offer a range monoclonal antibodies and polyclonal antibodies in both conjugated and unconjugated forms. Our primary antibodies provide a high level of specificity and can be used to measure changes in biomolecules during processes such as phosphorylation, methylation, or glycosylation. Primary antibodies are often employed in the detection of cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and other diseases.

We offer primary antibodies that can be used in a broad range of applications such as Flow Cytometry antibodies, IHC antibodies, ELISA antibodies, Western Blot antibodies and Immunofluorescence antibodies, among many more.

Our primary antibodies include Cardiac Markers, Tumor Markers, Phospho specific antibodies, antibodies against Transcription Factors, Hormones and Steroids specific antibodies, Viral antibodies, Neuroscience antibodies and Thyroid antibodies.


Top Primary Antibody Targets

Our current top primary antibody targets are:

MKL1 antibodies

MKL (also known as megakaryoblastic leukemia or myocardin-like protein 1), acts as a transcriptional coactivator of serum response factor (SRF), and is required for skeletal myogenic differentiation.

This rabbit polyclonal MKL1 antibody and its matched MKL1 blocking peptide are excellent in IHC and WB. Or why not try this MKL antibody for use in ELISA.

 CD133 antibodies

CD133 is a protein of unknown function, and so is widely studied. It is a member of the family of pentaspan transmembrane glycoproteins, which specifically localize to cellular protrusions.

IHC staining of Human Mammary Cancer Tissue using CD133 antibody (70R-13813) Our rat monoclonal CD133 antibody can be applied to IHC, WB, IF and IP. Or we also supply different polyclonal antibodies for CD133 such as this rabbit anti human CD133 antibody for WB or this CD133 antibody which produce excellent IHC staining (see image).
IHC staining of human mammary tissue using CD133 antibody (70R-13813)  

GAPDH antibodies

A GAPDH antibody is a staple component of every researchers toolbox, as it is used so commonly as a loading control in WB. Fitzgerald are a top supplier of GAPDH antibodies, and we have a broad range, including GAPDH antibody pairs with a capture GAPDH antibody and detection GAPDH antibody matched antibody pair.

IF staining of HeLa cells using GAPDH antibody (70R-12491) In addition, we supply a broad range of monoclonal antibodies such as a GAPDH antibody for IHC, WB, and IF and polyclonal antibodies such as this GAPDH antibody which produces exceptional immunofluorescent staining.
IF staining of HeLa cells using GAPDH antibody (70R-12491)  

Why not check out our comprehensive guide to GAPDH antibodies and proteins?

CD31 antibodies

CD-31 is also expressed in certain tumors, such as epithelioid hemangioendothelioma, epithelioid sarcoma-like hemangioendothelioma, other vascular tumors, histiocytic malignancies, and plasmacytomas.

Fitzgerald list over 30 different antibodies for CD31. Some of our top sellers are this monoclonal CD31 antibody which is excellent in ELISA, IHC, WB and in IF. Some of our best polyclonal antibodies can be used in many different applications also such as a CD31 antibody for WB.

We have a large range of conjugated CD31 antibodies, such as a CD31 antibody (FITC) conjugated or CD31 antibody (PE) labelled which are both validated in FACS.

 GFP antibodies

IF staining of dissociated culture of rat cerebral cortical neurons and astrocytes using GFP antibody (70R-10652) Green fluorescent protein (GFP) isolated from jellyfish Aequorea aequorea is a 238 amino acid protein with an apparent molecular weight of about 27-30 kDa on SDS-PAGE. It is used as a tag to detect proteins using fluorescent, for example this GFP antibody for immunofluorescence and non-fluorescent techniques such as this GFP antibody for use in Western Blot.
IF staining of dissociated culture of rat cerebral  cortical neurons and astrocytes using GFP antibody (70R-10652)  

We also have conjugated GFP antibodies, such biotinylated, PE conjugated and this excellent GFP antibody (HRP) conjugate

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