CKMB antibody

CKMB antibodies is used as a cardiac marker and can be used to look at levels of CKMB in biological samples to diagnose cardiac disease. Creatine kinase (CK) is an intracellular enzyme present in greatest amounts in skeletal muscle, the myocardium, and the brain. Creatine kinase is a dimeric molecule composed of two subunits, M and B. Combinations of these subunits form the isoenzymes CKMM, CKMB, and CKBB. A large concentration of the CKMB isoenzyme is found exclusively in cardiac muscles. Disruption of cell membranes releases CKMB into the bloodstream making it a viable and highly specific cardiac marker in cases of cardiac infarctions.

CKMB has a short duration in the bloodstream after cardiac injury, therefore it cannot be used for late diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction but can be used to suggest ongoing issues if its levels rise again. The CKMB test was once the main diagnostic used in cardiac patients but in recent years CKMB has been surpassed by Troponin testing.

As a major cardiac marker and indicator of muscle injury, CKMB is highly studied in the research laboratory as well as widely used in diagnostic testing. Fitzgerald Industries supplies a wide range of CK-MB antibodies ideally suited to research and diagnostic use. We supply high quality monoclonal and polyclonal CKMB antibodies which are highly rated for use in immunodiagnostic procedures such as ELISA, Immunohistochemistry, SDS-PAGE, Immunofluorescence, Western Blot and more.

Some of our most popular CKMB antibodies include:

CKMB antibody - This human specific mouse monoclonal CKMB antibody is one of our most popular cardiac markers. It is very specific for CKMB and has no cross reactivity with CKBB or CKMM in ELISA assays.

CKMB antibody - This CKMB antibody is > 95% pure monoclonal anti-CKMB and has been tested for use in ELISA and Lateral Flow.

CKMB antibody - This CKMB antibody is a popular member of our range of antibody matched pairs and can be used as part of a matched pair immunoassay in conjunction with this other monoclonal CKMB antibody.

Our other antibody pairs for CKMB are as follows:

Antibody PairCapture AntibodyDetection Antibody
CKMB Antibody Pair CKMB mAb 10-1364 CKMB mAb 10-1363
CKMB Antibody Pair CKMB mAb 10-C40A CKMM pAb 70-XG47
CKMB Antibody Pair CKMB mAb 10-C40B CKMM pAb 70-XG47