Assay Kits

Fitzgerald Industries specialize in a number of different assay kits as well as a broad range of Research kits, which include our impressive portfoli of ELISA kits.

Among our best selling assay kits are our Functional assay kits which encompass kits for detection of apoptosis, drug inhibition screening kits, and enzyme activity assays.

In addition, we list a number of kits specifically designed for quantification of metabolites such as Glucose assay kit, Lactate assay kit and LDH assay kit, as well as a number of their derivatives and related products.

We provide a top selling Cell proliferation assay kit for assessing cell viability and growth.

We also list a huge range of antibodies and proteins for use in development of Rapid Tests, namely lateral flow assays and for RIA (radioimmunoassays). Our lateral flow reagents are commonly listed with a paired reagent such as an antibody-antibody pair or antibody-conjugate pair.

Why not browse all of our antibody matched pairs on the website or download our antibody pairs brochure?!