Lactate Assay kit

Lactate is produced during cell proliferation and during anaerobic conditions such as exercise. Abnormally high concentrations of lactate have been linked to a range of conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and lactate acidosis. L(+)-Lactate is the major stereoisomer of lactate formed in human intermediary metabolism and is ususally present in blood at levels of around 1-2 mmol/L.

Measurement of lactate in biological samples is an extremely useful tool for researchers and medical professionals involved in tackling obesity and other nutritional issues. Fitzgerald Industries offers both a Lactate Assay kit and D-Lactate Assay kits for rapid and precise detection of lactate and lactate metabolites in the 0.01 mM – 10 mM range in blood circulation, cells, culture mediums, fermentation mediums and more.

In our Lactate Assay kits, lactate specifically reacts with an enzyme mix to generate a product, which interacts with lactate probe to produce colour (570 nm) and fluorescence (at Ex/Em = 535/587 nm).

Our assay kits contain all necessary equipment and reagents and detailed instructions on performing the procedure. And we also offer a range of LDH Assay kits for determining levels of lactate dehydrogenase.

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