Proliferation Assay kit

The study of cell growth and proliferation is of fundamental importance in modern research in a wide range of fields from cancer research, developmental disorders, environmental toxicity and much more.

Fitzgerald Industries offers an excellent Cell Proliferation Assay kit which is convenient and a valuable tool for the quantitative evaluation of a cell population's response to external factors that affect cell viability and growth. 

The Proliferation Assay Kit provides all reagents and detailed instructions for a fast and sensitive quantification of cell proliferation and viability. The assay is based on the cleavage of the tetrazolium salt WST-1 to formazan by cellular mitochondrial dehydrogenases. Expansion in the number of viable cells results in an increase in the activity of the mitochondrial dehydrogenases, which leads to the increase in the amount of formazan dye formed. The formazan dye produced by viable cells can be quantified by multi-well spectrophotometer.

The assay can be used for the measurement of cell proliferation in response to growth factors, cytokines, mitogens, and nutrients, etc. It can also be used for the analysis of cytotoxic compounds like anticancer drugs and many other toxic agents and pharmaceutical compounds. The kit contains all necessary reagents and requires no washing, harvesting or solubilisation steps, and is faster and more sensitive than MTT, XTT, or MTS-based assays.

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