Biological Buffers

Biological buffers are an essential component of all assays for the enhancement of binding conditions and maintaining an optimal biological environment. At Fitzgerald, we understand the importance of having a high quality cost effective buffer that can aid in providing robust results in assays such as ELISA, IHC, blotting and immunofluorescence.

Optimizing conditions such as pH, salt concentrations, detergent levels, and temperature are key to the performance of all assays and the buffers we offer allow users to be confident that they can achieve the highest level of sensitivity and specificity in their binding assays. One of best ELISA buffers is our Binding and Coating buffers for enhancement of antibody binding to the plate, while our High Performance ELISA buffer is ideal for minimizing background and enhancing signal to noise ratios.

Our Stablilizing buffers offer higher signal levels by stabilizing antibody-antibody interations, and our excellent Wash buffer serves to efficiently remove all non-bound antibodies resulting in cleaner signal and reducing non specific binding. Similarly, our Blocking buffers are a high quality option for reducing interference by non specific binding and in addition our Casein buffers offer are excellent for blocking in blotting procedures.

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