Binding buffer

Selecting the right buffers and reagents is a vital part of designing and running a successful ELISA experiment or other immunoassay.

Fitzgerald Industries offers high quality Binding/Coating buffer for use in ELISA assays. Our Binding/Coating buffer is a 10X concentrated liquid reagent for use in coating microtitre wells and other supports. Our Binding/Coating buffer is a 50 mM Na-Carbonate/Bicarbonate Buffer pH 9.5 +/-0,03 containing 0,025% 5-Bromo-5-Nitro-1,3- dioxane which is an optimal universal coating and binding buffer for most antibodies and the vast majority of protein antigens.

Our Binding buffer is suitable for all kinds of ELISA assays whether small scale manual experiments or large automated assays and is just one of the extensive range of diluents we supply in order to support your existing assays or assist in the development of your own. Why not visit our homepage today to see our full range as well as our huge selection of ELISA kits, Functional assays and many more in our Assay kits range.