ELISA buffer

Due to their ease of use, reliability and accuracy and their ability to process a large number of samples quickly and inexpensively, ELISAs have been widely adopted across multiple industries including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medicine and research.

Developing your own ELISA assays or enhancing the performance of your existing procedures requires the highest quality buffers and reagents. Fitzgerald industries offers a range of high quality buffers and diluents for use in ELISAs and other immunoassays. Our High Performance ELISA Buffer is the ideal choice for minimizing background interference and enhancing signal-to-noise ratios for improved assay sensitivity, this buffer is ideally suited for determination of cytokines in plasma or sera.

Using the correct buffers with your assay can vastly improve results through improved precision, increased assay reproducibility, higher specific signals and increased shelf life. Why not visit our homepage today to see our full range of diluents and other ELISA buffers including Binding/Coating Buffer, Stabilizing Buffer, Wash Buffer, TMB and many more.