Wash buffer

Selecting the correct reagents and buffers is a vital part of designing and/or running a successful ELISA procedure or other immunoassay. Washing with an appropriate buffer is a vital step in any immunoassay, requiring a suitable solution which can wash away unbound analyte with the minimal loss of bound signal complexes.

Fitzgerald Industries offers a range of buffers and diluents for use in ELISA and other immunoassays including ELISA Wash Buffer, a 10X concentrated liquid reagent for washing both ELISA microtitre plates and membranes, applicable in both manual and robotic ELISA and also useful in blotting protocols. Our high quality wash buffer contains a BND based antimicrobial/preservative and is an excellent choice for any immunoassay.

Why not visit our homepage today to see our full range of buffers including Binding/Coating Buffer, Stabilizing Buffer, High Performance ELISA Buffer and many more. We also carry a huge range of ELISA-quality monoclonal antibodies and polyclonal antibodies, poly-HRP conjugates and matched antibody pairs.