Biology Protocols

At Fitzgerald we have understand the importance of logical and accurate protocols for optimizing and developing assays. Over the past 20 years, we have gathered top tips and detailed recommendations that have worked for our laboratories and customers across the world.

We rely on these protocols to help our customers to use our antibodies and proteins and get the best performance from them.

Our technical experts have compiled a large selection of protocols and our most popular procedures and associated products can be viewed here. Why not check out our ELISA protocol for a simple outline of the ELISA procedure or for a more thorough experimental ELISA optimization protocol.

We also have a detailed Immunohistochemistry protocol and Immunofluorescence protocol and associated products for you to browse. In addition, based on customer">Antigen Retrieval protocol.

We currently list over 5,000 antibodies for Flow Cytometry and to complement these we have created a detailed Flow Cytometry protocol and have outlined some of our top FACS antibodies.

Click to view a full list of our Experimental Guides and Procedures or visit our homepage to search for a product.