ELISA protocol

An ELISA, or Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, is a simple and effective assay used in the quantitative measurement of both secreted and intracellular protein targets in biological samples such as cell lysates or serum. ELISA assays are robust, sensitive and specific. Due to their ease of use, reliability and accuracy and their ability to process a large number of samples quickly and inexpensively, ELISAs have been widely adopted in multiple industries including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medicine and research.

Fitzgerald Industries offers a range of high quality products suitable for ELISA applications, we supply thousands of primary antibodies, antigens, conjugated antibodies and native and recombinant proteins all rated for use in ELISA assays as well as a huge range of ELISA kits targeting a wide range of commonly used Cardiac Markers, Tumor Markers, Infectious Diseases, Drugs of Abuse, Pharmaceuticals and much more.

Top ELISA antibodies

Our current top ELISA antibody targets are:

Tricyclic Antidepressants antibody

This mouse monoclonal TCA antibody is excellent for use in ELISA. The antibody has a matched conjugate, Tricyclic Antidepressants BSA conjugate (TCA-BSA) such that they can be used in ELISA as a matched pair.

Thyroxine antibody

Monoclonal thyroxine antibody is a highly specific antibody for detection of human T4 in ELISA.

MKL antibody

This rabbit polyclonal MKL antibody detects both human and mouse MKL in ELISA. In additions, we offer a polyclonal MKL1 antibody and its matched MKL1 blocking peptide which are excellent in IHC and WB. 

GFAP antibody

IHC staining using GFAP antibody (10R-2253)  

This highly specific monoclonal GFAP antibody is excellent in ELISA, and can also be used in IHC (as shown here), WB and IF. It is derived from clone 6A6 GFAP antibody. It gives highly specifc staining in IHC.

Immunohistochemical analysis of paraffin-embedded brain tissues using GFAP antibody with DAB staining  

See our ELISA Protocol for instructions on carrying out your own procedure as well as links to useful buffers and stop solutions

Or you can check out our full ELISA optimization guidelines for full instructions on how to get the best results in your ELISA.

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