Flow cytometry protocol

Flow Cytometry (FC or FACS) is a powerful tool which facilitates quantitative analysis of cell populations based on the expression of cell surface and/or intracellular molecules as well as other parameters such as cell sorting and analysis. With its ability to analyze multiple phenotypic and functional parameters simultaneously within a single cell or a population of cells in a biological sample, Flow Cytometry has proven to be an indispensible tool for researchers in modern microbiology labs, cancer research, and is also proving vital in the biotechnology and genetic engineering sectors due to its ability to rapidly screen cells for expression of particular gene products.

Analyzing cells with a fluorophore conjugated antibody opens up a wide array of research applications ranging from apoptosis, analyzing protein expression and modifications, analyzing intracellular antigens, immunophenotyping and much more.

Fitzgerald Industries offers a range of high quality products suitable for Flow Cytometric applications, from primary and secondary antibodies, native and recombinant antigens to hapten conjugates specifically rated and validated for FC applications, including Flow Cytometric Apoptosis Detection Kits

Top Flow Cytometry antibodies

Our current top FACS antibody targets are:

LDL Receptor antibody

This rabbit polyclonal LDL Receptor antibody is also suitable for western blotting and IHC and we have optimal recommended dilutions.

CD31 antibody

Immunohistochemical staining using CD31 antibody (10R-CD31gRT)  

This highly optimizable monoclonal CD31 antibody is excellent in flow cytometry, and can also be used in IHC (as shown here), ELISA, IP and in western blotting. Its multiple used makes it one of our most popular CD31 antibodies.

IHC staining of CD31 antigen (PECAM1)  using 10R-CD31gRT  


LYVE1 antibody

This multi-application affinity purified LYVE1 antibody can be used in FACS, ELISA and in western blotting. This is an antibody specific for mouse LYVE1.

CD105 antibody (PE)

This CD105 antibody is one of the oldest and best selling monoclonal CD105 antibodies for use in flow cytometry and IHC. It is generated from clone N1-3A1.

See our Flow Cytometry Protocol for instructions on carrying out your own procedure as well as links to the antibodies, wash solutions, and other useful FC reagents.

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