Immunofluorescence protocol

Immunofluorescence is a technique which uses the specificity of antibodies to their antigen to target fluorescent dyes to specific bimolecular targets within a cell, and therefore allows visualisation of the distribution of the target molecule through the sample.

In Immunofluorescence, target antigens are visualised using specific antibodies directly conjugated with enzyme or fluorophore-conjugated antibodies, or indirectly using secondary antibodies and reagents. The ability to directly observe tissue and cellular mechanisms is extremely desirable in basic research as well as being indispensable in modern clinical diagnostic labs.

Nowadays, Immunofluorescence has proven to be a very versatile technique and, with the ability to detect as few as a thousand antigen molecules in a cell sample. In some circumstances, Immunofluorescence may also be used to determine the approximate concentration of an antigen.

Fitzgerald Industries offers a range of high quality products suitable for Immunofluorescence applications, we supply thousands of primary antibodies, antigens, conjugated antibodies and proteins all rated for use in Immunofluorescence experiments and procedures. We also supply Immunofluorescence kits with all necessary reagents and equipment to easily perform your own IF procedures.

Top Immunofluorescence antibodies

Our current top IF antibody targets are:

GFAP antibody

IF staining using GFAP antibody (10R-4206)  

Clone 4C10 GFAP antibody gives highly specific staining in IF.  It also detects human GFAP in IHC and in WB. We offer excellent recommendations on optimal dilutions for all of these applications.

Immunofluorescent analysis of COS7 cells transiently transfected with recombinant GFAP protein  

Adenovirus antibody

This mouse monoclonal Adenovirus antibody is protein A purified and is our top selling Adenovirus antibody. We sell this in large bulk quantities for optimization in numerous assays.

Streptococcus pneumoniae antibody

This monolconal Strep pneumoniae antibody recognizes the Streptococcus pneumoniae common C-polysaccharide (backbone epitope). It can also be applied to ELISA.

Involucrin antibody

Involucrin antibody for use in ELISA, IHC, IP and in IF has known cross reactivity with Dog, human, gorilla, monkey, owl, pig, rat involucrin. It is BSA and azide free to allow application to cell based assays.

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