CA 15-3 protein (30-AC12)

Partially purified Human CA 15-3 protein

Synonyms CA15-3, Breast Tumor protein, CA15-3 protein, CA 15-3, Cancer Antigen 15-3 protein, CA 15-3 protein
Species Human
Protein Type Native
Applications Control


Source Human ductal breast adenocarcinoma cell line
Purity Partially pure
Form & Buffer PBS pH 7.4, with 0.1% NaN3.
Concentration 5,000-20,000 U/ml Roche Elecsys

Usage & Assay Information

Usage Recommendations This partially purified product is usually used to make standards, calibrators and single analyte controls

Storage & Safety

Storage Store at 4 deg C for short term storage. Aliquot and store at -20 deg C for long term storage. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles.
Contaminants This partially purified product may contain various quantities of other tumor marker proteins such as Ca 27-29, Ca125, Ca19-9, Ca 72.4, or CEA. Cross-contaminants will vary from lot to lot.
Biohazard Information This product contains sodium azide as preservative. Although the amount of sodium azide is very small appropriate care must be taken when handling this product. The cell line supernatants tested negative for HIV1, 2, HIVAg, HbsAg, HCV Ab and HCV Ag.

General Information

Biological Significance The MUC-1 glycoprotein is routinely monitored in the management of breast cancer. Diagnostic tests measuring the MUC1- glycoprotein are FDA/EU approved including Ca15-3, Ca27.29 and Br assays. Reoccurrence detection of breast cancer by MUC-1 assay can preceed confirmation by radiological detection methods by 1-9 months. Although there have been numerous other breast cancer related biomarkers discovered and clinically investigated, no single protein has been proven to have greater specificity or sensitivity than Ca15-3. Automation of immunoassays for this molecule has for several years now provided precise and reliable post therapy results. High MW mucin –like glycoprotein of 300-450 kD due to variable glycosylation on the MUC-1 molecule has distinct epitopes identified by monoclonal antibodies, notably DF3, 115D8 and CA27.29. Increased levels of the MUC-1 protein is associated with Breast and less specifically with lung, colon and hepatic tumors. Approved clinical use is for monitoring breast cancer post therapy and early detection of relapsed breast cancer.

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