CD59 antibody (FITC) (61R-CD59HUFT )

Mouse monoclonal CD59 antibody (FITC)

Synonyms Monoclonal CD59 antibody, Anti-CD59 antibody, CD59, CD-59, CD 59, CD-59 antibody, CD 59 antibody, MIRL antibody, Protectin antibody, Membrane Inhibitor of Reactive Lysis antibody
Cross Reactivity Human
Applications FC


Host Mouse
Clone OV9A2
Isotype IgG1 kappa
Tag/Conjugate FITC
Form & Buffer Supplied in aqueous buffer, 0.09% sodium azide, may contain carrier protein/stabilizer
Concentration 5 ul/test

Storage & Safety

Storage Store at 2-8 deg C. Do notfreeze.

General Information

Biological Significance CD59 inhibits the complement membrane attack complex by binding C5b678 and preventing C9 from binding and polymerizing. It is present on "self" cells to prevent complement from damaging them.

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