CD59 antibody (PE) (61R-CD59HUPE)

Mouse monoclonal CD59 antibody (PE)

Synonyms Monoclonal CD59 antibody, Anti-CD59 antibody, MIRL antibody, Protectin antibody, Membrane Inhibitor of Reactive Lysis antibody, CD59, CD-59, CD 59, CD-59 antibody, CD 59 antibody
Applications FC


Host Mouse
Clone OV9A2
Isotype IgG1 kappa
Tag/Conjugate PE
Form & Buffer Supplied in aqueous buffer, 0.09% sodium azide, may contain carrier protein/stabilizer
Concentration 5 ul/test

Storage & Safety

Storage Store at 2-8 deg C. Do not freeze.

General Information

Biological Significance CD59 is a potent inhibitor of the complement membrane attack complex (MAC) action. Acts by binding to the C8 and/or C9 complements of the assembling MAC, thereby preventing incorporation of the multiple copies of C9 required for complete formation of the osmolytic pore. This inhibitor appears to be species-specific. Involved in signal transduction for T-cell activation complexed to a protein tyrosine kinase.

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