Coxsackievirus B1 protein (30-1333)

Purified native Coxsackievirus B1 protein (Conn Strain)

Synonyms Coxsackie B protein, Coxsackie B1 protein, Coxsackievirus Conn protein, B1 protein, Coxsackievirus protein, Coxsackievirus antigen, Coxsackievirus, Conn strain Coxsackievirus
Species Viral
Protein Type Native


Source Vero cells; Conn strain
Purity Partially pure
Method of Purification Coxsackievirus B1 protein was purified by ultracentrifugation
Form & Buffer Suppliedin apartially purified liquid cell culture mediawith no preservative. Cell debris was remoed by clarification of infected cells.

Storage & Safety

Storage Store at -20 deg c to -80 deg C, avoid multiple freeze/thaw cycles
Biohazard Information Virus was inactivated by heat treatment at 56 deg C.

General Information

Biological Significance Coxsackieviruses are among the leading causes of aseptic meningitis (the other usual suspects being echovirus and mumps virus).

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