EIF6 Blocking Peptide (33R-10387)

A synthetic peptide for use as a blocking control in assays to test for specificity of EIF6 antibody, catalog no. 70R-10306

Synonyms EIF6 control peptide, EIF6 antibody Blocking Peptide, Anti-EIF6 Blocking Peptide, eukaryotic translation initiation factor 6 Blocking Peptide, 2 Blocking Peptide, CAB Blocking Peptide, EIF3A Blocking Peptide, ITGB4BP Blocking Peptide, b Blocking Peptide, b(2)gcn Blocking Peptide, gcn Blocking Peptide, p27BBP Blocking Peptide, EIF6, EIF-6, EIF 6, EIF-6 Blocking Peptide, EIF 6 Blocking Peptide
Protein Type Synthetic
Applications IHC, WB


Molecular Weight 27 kDa
Form & Buffer Lyophilized powder. Add 100ul of distilled water for a final peptide concentration is 1 mg/ml.

Storage & Safety

Storage Store at -20 deg C long term. Avoid repeat freeze-thaw cycles.

General Information

Biological Significance Hemidesmosomes are structures which link the basal lamina to the intermediate filament cytoskeleton. An important functional component of hemidesmosomes is the integrin beta-4 subunit (ITGB4), a protein containing two fibronectin type III domains. The protein encoded by this gene binds to the fibronectin type III domains of ITGB4 and may help link ITGB4 to the intermediate filament cytoskeleton. The encoded protein, which is insoluble and found both in the nucleus and in the cytoplasm, can function as a translation initiation factor and prevent the association of the 40S and 60S ribosomal subunits.

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