Fitzgerald Industries offers a large range of research kits with multiple diverse applications in industry, quality assurance, research, education and diagnostic procedures.

ELISA kits

Our ELISA kits include all necessary buffers, diluents and associated materials such as 96 well microtitre plates. Our prepackaged research kits will allow the user to skip lengthy and costly assay development procedures and achieve highly precise, reliable and reproducible results almost immediately.

Fitzgerald offers a huge range of ELISA kits for sale for detection and quantification of multiple common targets of interest including growth factors such IGF1 ELISA, Cytokine ELISAs, enzymes such as Lipase ELISA, immunoglobulins such as multiple IgG ELISAs, hormones such as Adiponectin ELISA, Serotonin ELISA and Progesterone ELISA, drugs of abuse, biochemicals such as Histamine ELISA, toxins, infectious disease and a wide selection of antigens and antigenic factors targeting the full spectrum of species and sample types.