Cytokine ELISA

Cytokines, encompassing interleukins, interferons, and chemokines, are secreted signalling molecules that regulate immunity and inflammation as well as playing a role in the development processes during embryogenesis. They also play a significant role in angiogenesis and cancer.

Cytokines can demonstrate multiple functions within cells depending on their concentration, the cell type they are acting on, and the presence of other cytokines and mediators. For this reason the ability to quantify cytokine levels quickly and accurately is becoming an important tool for both medical and research laboratories.

Fitzgerald Industries offers a range of ELISA kits which allow rapid, specific, quantitative measurements of a vast range of immunological cytokine proteins including interleukin ELISA kits for human, mouse, rat and monkey targets such as:

Interleukin 1 alpha ELISA

IL1 alpha is an extracellular peptide of 17 kDa, its activity has been demonstrated in various biological fluids including serum, synovial fluid, gingival fluid, amniotic fluid, sputum, cerebrosinal fluid, urine, andbronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) fluid.


This IL10 ELISA kit has a detection range of 12.5 pg/ml-800 pg/ml and a sensitivity of 3.12 pg/ml. Compatible sample types for IL10 determination are serum, urine, cell culture supernates, ascitic fluid, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), and saliva.


The IL12 ELISA kit has a detection range of 4.7 pg/ml-300 pg/ml and sensitivity of 1.17 pg/ml. Compatible sample types for serum, cell culture supernates, and tissue homogenates.

We also list a vast range of chemokine ELISA kits including popular targets such as:


Also known as IL8, this ELISA kit detects rat CINC1, which is a member of the alpha (CXC) subfamily of chemokines.

Eotaxin ELISA

Eotaxins directly promotes the accumulation of eosinophils, but not lymphocytes, macrophages or neutrophils, in response to the presence of allergens. The sensitivity of this Eotaxin ELISA kit is 31.2 pg/ml-2000 pg/ml.


CX3CL1 is also known as fractalkine which is due to a CX3C cysteine motif near the amino terminus and is the first member of a fourth branch of the chemokine superfamily. It is expressed in a membrane-bound form on activated endothelial cells and mediates attachment and firm adhesion of T cells, monocytes and NK cells. This CX3CL1 ELISA kit has sensitivity of 156 pg/ml-10,000 pg/ml.

Fitzgerald also offers a range of monoclonal and polyclonal cytokine antibodies for use in the development of your own cytokine ELISAs. See our ELISA protocol for more information plus links to useful reagents.

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