Lipase ELISA

Fats (lipids) are one of the three major food groups needed for healthy nutrition. Fats are broken down into lipids which are required for the cell walls of new cells. Lipases are one of the most important digestive enzymes needed to digest fat in this way. Lipase is released by the pancreas and catalyzes the hydrolysis of ester chemical bonds in water-insoluble lipid substrates leading to their breakdown.

Accurate measurement of lipase levels in biological samples is an important tool for researchers seeking new drug targets for treatment of nutritional and obesity disorders as well their diagnosis by medical professionals.

Fitzgerald Industries offers highly accurate, rapid and easy to use Lipase ELISA kits. We provide Lipase ELISA kits specific for different types of lipase such as:

Hepatic Lipase ELISA

Hepatic lipase is expressed in the liver and adrenal glands and functions mainly to convert intermediate-density lipoprotein (IDL) to low-density lipoprotein (LDL). We also offer a LDL antibody which can be optimized for ELISA assays.

Pancreatic Lipase ELISA

Pancreatic lipase is also known as pancreatic triacylglycerol lipase and is secreted from the pancreas. Its function is to hydrolyze dietary fat in the digestive system, converting triglyceride substrates to monoglycerides and free fatty acids. A 10-fold increase of lipase activity above the upper reference limit is suggestive of pancreatitis, pancreatic injury, or inflammation of organs contiguous to the pancreas. Diagnostic kits to determine lipase activity are commercially available such as this Lipase activity kit from Trinity Biotech.

Total Lipase ELISA

This lipase ELISA measures both pancreatic and hepatic lipase in biological samples.

Our ELISA kits contain all necessary equipment and reagents required for you to perform your own Lipase ELISAs. 

Pancreatic Lipase antibody immunohistochemical staining of SCM-1 xenograft

We also offer a wide range of antibodies such as this Lipase antibody to detect total lipase, or an antibody specific for Pancreatic lipase for use in other immunoassays such as IHC, IF and WB.  

The image on the left illustrates immunohistochemical staining of paraffin-embedded SCM-1 xenograft using Pancreatic Lipase antibody at a dilution of 1:500

Immunohistochemical staining using Pancreatic Lipase antibody (70R-13323)  


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