Ferritin H chain antibody (10R-8566)

Mouse monoclonal Ferritin H chain antibody

Synonyms Monoclonal Ferritin H chain antibody, Anti-Ferritin H chain antibody, FTH1 antibody, ferritin antibody, heavy polypeptide 1 antibody, AL022624 antibody, AL033366 antibody, apoferritin antibody, BOS_24719 antibody, cell proliferation-inducing gene 15 protein antibody, ferritin H chain antibody, ferritin heavy chain antibody, ferritin heavy-chain antibody, ferritin heavy chain 1 antibody, ferritin H subunit antibody, Ferritin subunit H antibody, fhc antibody, fth antibody, FTHL6 antibody, H-ferritin antibody, HFt antibody, MFH antibody, OK/SW-cl.84 antibody, pig15 antibody, placenta immunoregulatory factor antibody, PLIF antibody, proliferation-inducing protein 15 antibody
Cross Reactivity Human
Applications ELISA, WB
Immunogen Ferritin H chain antibody was raised in Mouse using a recombinant human protein purified from E.coli (HIS-Ferritin H chain) as the immunogen


FTH1 Schematic with Iron Molecule


Host Mouse
Clone 3F8
Isotype IgG2a kappa
Method of Purification Ferritin H chain antibody was purified by ammonium sulfate precipitation
Form & Buffer Supplied in liquid form in HEPES buffer with 0.15M NaCl, 0.01% BSA, 0.03% sodium azide, and 50% glycerol

Usage & Assay Information

Usage Recommendations WB: 1:1000

Storage & Safety

Storage Aliquot and store for 1 year at -20 deg C, avoid freeze/thaw cycles

General Information

Biological Significance

Product Uses: Monoclonal FTH1 antibody specific for human FTH1 for use in ELISA and Western Blot applications.

Biological Significance: FTH1 is the heavy subunit of ferritin, the major intracellular iron storage protein in prokaryotes and eukaryotes. It is composed of 24 subunits of the heavy and light ferritin chains. Variation in ferritin subunit composition may affect the rates of iron uptake and release in different tissues. A major function of ferritin is the storage of iron in a soluble and nontoxic state.

Expression: FTH1 expression is regulated by cellular iron levels.

Tissue and Cell Localization: FTH1 is found in the mitochondrion and nucleus of mammalian cells where it is involved in cellular iron ion transport.

Implications in Disease: Defects in ferritin proteins may be associated with several neurodegenerative diseases. Diseases associated with FTH1 include hypertensive retinopathy, a form of damage to the retina and retinal circulation due to high blood pressure. Defects in FTH1 may also result in iron overload, an accumulation of iron in the body.

Sequence Information: FTH1 is composed of 183 amino acids with a molecular weight of 21226 Da. There are 2 Phosphoserine residues at positions 449 and 553.The functional molecule forms a roughly spherical shell with a diameter of 12 nm and contains a central cavity into which the insoluble mineral iron core is deposited.

Post-Translational Modifications: Ubiquitination occurs at Lys147.

Database References: Entrez Gene: 2495 Human, Omim: 134790 Human, SwissProt: P02794 Human, Unigene: 524910 Human

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  • FTH1 Schematic with Iron Molecule
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