Goat anti Human Kappa + Lambda light chain (20-S1701G000-V0)

Goat anti Human kappa + lambda light chain secondary antibody

Synonyms Polyclonal Human kappa & lambda light chain antibody, anti-Human kappy & lambda light chain antibody, kappa & lambda light chain antibody
Specificity Human
Applications User optimized

Storage & Safety

Storage Store at 4 deg C for short term storage. Aliquot and store at -20 deg C for long term storage. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles.

General Information

Biological Significance There are two types of light chain in humans (as in other mammals), kappa chain, encoded by the immunoglobulin kappa locus ([email protected]) on chromosome 2 and lambda chain, encoded by the immunoglobulin lambda locus ([email protected]) on chromosome 22. Antibodies are produced by B lymphocytes, each expressing only one class of light chain. Once set, light chain class remains fixed for the life of the B lymphocyte. In a healthy individual, the total kappa to lambda ratio is roughly 2:1 in serum (measuring intact whole antibodies) or 1:1.5 if measuring free light chains, with a highly divergent ratio indicative of neoplasm.

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