Human Fractalkine ELISA kit (55R-1996)

ELISA Kit for detection of Fractalkine in the research laboratory

Synonyms ABCD-3 ELISA kit, C3Xkine ELISA kit, CXC3 ELISA kit, CXC3C ELISA kit, NTN ELISA kit, NTT ELISA kit, SCYD1 ELISA kit, Fractalkine ELISA kit, Neurotactin ELISA kit, Small inducible cytokine subfamily D (Cys-X3-Cys) ELISA kit, Member 1 (fractalkine ELISA kit, Neurotactin) ELISA kit, Small inducible cytokine subfamily D ELISA kit
Specificity Human Fractalkine
Applications ELISA
Assay Information Detection Range: 125 pg/ml-8000 pg/ml; Sensitivity: 31.25 pg/ml; Compatible Sample Types: serum, plasma and tissue homogenates; Assay Time: 1-5 hours; Sample Volume: 50-100 ul; Detection Wavelength: 450 nm

Storage & Safety

Storage Store unopened kit at 2-8 deg C, do not use past expiration date

General Information

Biological Significance Fractalkine, also named neurotactin, is a chemokine identified through bioinformatics. Fractalkine has a unique CX3C cysteine motif near the amino-terminus and is the one member of a fourth branch of the chemokine superfamily. The extracellular domain of human Fractalkine can be released by proteolysis, at the dibasic cleavage site proximal to the membrane to generate soluble fractalkine.

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