Human IGFBP3 ELISA kit (55R-1600)

ELISA kit for the detection of IGFBP3 in the research laboratory

Synonyms IGFBP3 ELISA kit, Insulin-like growth factor Binding protein 3 ELISA kit, IBP3 ELISA kit, BP-53 ELISA kit, IBP-3 ELISA kit
Applications ELISA
Assay Information Sensitivity: 156.2 pg/ml-10,000 pg/ml


ELISA assay using Human IGFBP3 ELISA kit (55R-1600)

Graph showing ELISA absorbance curve (O.D.) of Human IGFBP3 (pg/ml)


Form & Buffer This Kit contains: Lyophilized recombinant human IGFBP-3 standard: 10ng/tube

Storage & Safety

Storage Store at 4 deg C for short term storage (4 months) or -20 deg C for long term storage (8 months)

General Information

Biological Significance Insulin-like growth factors (IGFs) regulate proliferation, differentation, apoptosis, cell adhesion and metabolism in various tissues and cell types. IGFI, which is produced mainly in liver under the influence of growth hormone (GH), regulates as hormone the linear growth of the bones and the process of sexual maturity, while IGFII is mainly a growth factor of fetal tissue. The biological actions of IGF over the IGFTypeI receptor are modulated variably through the IGF binding proteins (IGFBP1 to 6). IGFBP2 is, after IGFBP3, the second most frequent IGFBP in the human blood. IGFs, especially tumor typical pro-IGF forms and hormones regulate the expression of IGFBP2, GH effect is thereby inhibiting. At cellular level IGFBP2 seems to stimulate the proliferation and dissemination of solid tumor via an IGF-independent mechanism.

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  • <div><font face=Calibri size=2>ELISA assay using Human IGFBP3 ELISA kit (55R-1600)</font></div>     | Graph showing ELISA absorbance curve (O.D.) of Human IGFBP3 (pg/ml)

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