Human MMP13 ELISA kit (55R-1657)

ELISA kit for the detection of MMP13 in the research laboratory

Synonyms Human MMP13 ELISA kit, Matrix metalloproteinase 13 ELISA kit
Applications ELISA
Assay Information Sensitivity: 78 pg/ml-5000 pg/ml


ELISA assay using Human MMP13 ELISA kit (55R-1657)

Graph showing ELISA absorbance curve (O.D.) of Human MMP13 (pg/ml)


Form & Buffer This Kit contains: Lyophilized recombinant human MMP13 standard: 10ng/tube

Storage & Safety

Storage Store at 4 deg C for short term storage (4 months) or -20 deg C for long term storage (8 months)

General Information

Biological Significance The family of MMPs are capable of breaking down any extracellular matrix component. In normal physiology, MMPs produced by connective tissue are thought to contribute to tissue remodeling in development, in the menstrual cycle and in repair processes following tissue damage. In pathological situations mainly the involvement of breakdown of the connective tissues like in rheumatoid arthritis, cancer and periodontal and cardiovascular diseases are described. Leukocytes, mainly macrophages, are the major sources of MMP production which allow leukocytes to extravasate and penetrate tissues, which is a key event in inflammatory diseases. In parallel, metastatic cancer cells use MMPs tomigrate to foreign tissue. MMP13, also known as Collagenase 3, is a member of the matrix metalloproteinases family with broad substrate specificity and a potential role in tumor metastasis and invasion. The three-dimensionalstructure reveals a core domain for the protein consisting of three alpha-helices and five beta-sheet strands with an overall tertiary fold similar to the catalytic domain of the other matrix metalloproteinase family members. The purified monomeric enzyme has a molecular mass of 19,600 Da.

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  • <div><font face=Calibri size=2>ELISA assay using Human MMP13 ELISA kit (55R-1657)</font></div>     | Graph showing ELISA absorbance curve (O.D.) of Human MMP13 (pg/ml)

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