Human Serum

Human serum is utilized in various research and diagnostic applications where animal serum may not be an appropriate substitute, such as human leukocyte antigen procedures, Immunoblotting, immunohistochemical staining and certain other immunoassays. Human Serum is also frequently used as an added supplement to culture media. In order to grow satisfactorily, some human cell lines require the addition of human serum rather than animal serum to the cell culture medium.

Fitzgerald Industries offers a wide selection of high quality Human Serum products in bulk quantities and individual titres. As well as our Normal Human Serum, we also offer specially formulated serum products perfect for specific biochemical and in-vitro diagnostic applications including:


Troponin I Free Human Serum

Myoglobin Free Human Serum

Insulin Depleted Human Serum

CRP Depleted Human Serum

Human Serum isolated from a blood sample


We also have a broad range of Human Serum Controls such as High Control Human Serum and Low Control Human Serum and a selection of other Controls & Calibrators.

Our human serum range is the ideal choice for use as blocking reagent or antibody diluent for chromogenic and fluorescent immunohistochemical and immunocytochemical assays and cell culture, visit our homepage today to see our full range.

And don't forget we also have a large range of Human plasma options, as well as purified Human Serum Albumin.