Human Plasma

Plasma, the liquid part of the blood and lymphatic fluid, makes up about half of its total volume. Human plasmas primary functions include the maintenance of osmotic pressure, pH, and electrolyte balance, transport of ions, hormones, drugs and other biomolecules throughout the body as well as immune system and signalling functionality.

Human Plasma is devoid of cells and has not clotted, which is the main factor differentiating it from human serum. Plasma is prepared by centrifuging collected blood to remove cellular debris and associated proteins including serum albumin, glycoproteins, transferrins, immunoglobulins, plasminogin, fibrinogen and more. An anticoagulant is often added buring plasma production.

Fitzgerald Industries offers a wide selection of Human Plasma products for research use. One of the most popular human plasma is this Sodium Heparin treated Human Plasma which is sterile filtered human plasma with added Sodium Heparin, a highly sulfated glycosaminoglycan, which acts as an anticoagulant. This also comes as a non sterile version.

We also provide a number of disease state plasmsas including Dengue IgM positive plasma, Dengue IgG positive plasma and Chagas IgG positive plasma for use in infectious disease studies.

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