Human Serum Albumin

During cell cultures involving human cell lines, serum albumin is added to cell culture media as a supplement to increase the growth and productivity of cells and increase the overall health of cells in the culture. Human Serum Albumin contains important nutrients for cells. It also binds toxins to prevent their effects, acts as a buffer by binding excess proteins and binds hormones and growth peptides, increasing their stability and longevity. Human Serum Albumin also binds free radicals, reducing cellular damage. In serum-free media, Human Serum Albumin is often used in place of fetal bovine serum. Use of cell media containing Human Serum Albumin greatly improves the performance of a wide range of cell types including stem cells, primary cells, vero cells and CHO cells.

Serum Albumin is also used in drug delivery to transport pharmaceutical drugs like antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. It is also frequently used as an excipient in pharmaceuticals because of its ability to stabilize other proteins in solution.

Fitzgerald Industries offers a wide range of Human Serum Albumin products including:

Human Serum Albumin protein a cell culture grade serum which is >95% pure and expressed using from Rice or Oryza Sativa system.

Another highly pure (>96%) option is our Human Serum Albumin which comes as a native HSA protein in powder format or we also offer a Glycated Human Serum Albumin in a liquid format.

We also offer a wide selection of Human Serum Albumin antibodies as well our validated Human Serum Albumin antibody pairs which are excellent for use in ELISA - Capture HSA antibody can be used with this Detection HSA antibody

In addition, we offer a ready-to-use Human Serum Albumin ELISA Kit. Our Serum Albumin range is the ideal choice for use as blocking agent, or diluent for Immunohistochemistry assays and cell culture, visit our homepage today to see our full range.