IFN beta 1a protein (30R-AI064-1)

Purified recombinant Human IFN beta 1a protein

Synonyms Interferon beta 1a protein, RMMB1 protein
Species Human
Protein Type Recombinant
Applications User optimized


Expression System CHO cells
Purity > 95% pure
Molecular Weight 23 kDa
Form & Buffer Liquid in 10mM CH3COOH.

Usage & Assay Information

Bioactivity The EC50 for IFN is ~ 1 U/ml

Storage & Safety

Storage Store at 4 deg C.
Endotoxin Levels <1 EU/ug

General Information

Biological Significance Interferons (IFNs) are proteins made and released by host cells in response to the presence of pathogens—such as viruses, bacteria, or parasites—or tumor cells. They allow communication between cells to trigger the protective defenses of the immune system that eradicate pathogens or tumors. The IFN-ß proteins are produced in large quantities by fibroblasts. They have antiviral activity which is mainly involved in innate immune response. Two types of IFN-beta have been described, IFN-beta1 (IFNB1) and IFN-beta3 (IFNB3).

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