Influenza A antibody (10-1243)

Mouse monoclonal Influenza A antibody

Synonyms Monoclonal Influenza A antibody, Anti-Influenza A antibody Influenza A nuclear antibody, Swine Flu antibody, Flu A H1N1 antibody, Influenza A, H1N1 antibody, Flu A antibody
Specificity Human New Influenza H1N1 antigen
Applications Lateral Flow
Immunogen Influenza A antibody was raised in Mouse using purified native Influenza virus (inactivated) as the immunogen


Host Mouse
Clone M12209
Isotype IgG
Purity > 90% pure
Method of Purification Influenza A antibody was purified by Protein G chromatography
Form & Buffer Supplied in liquid form in a 0.1M PBS buffer, pH7.2 containing 0.09% sodium azide

Storage & Safety

Storage Store at 2-8 deg C for short term storage. Aliquot and store at -15 deg C for long term storage.

General Information

Biological Significance There are three types of influenza viruses: A, B, and C. Only influenza A viruses are further classified by subtype on the basis of the two main surface glycoproteins hemagglutinin (HA) and neuraminidase (NA). Influenza A subtypes and B viruses are further classified by strains.

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