Minute Virus of Mice protein (30-1262)

Purified native Minute Virus of Mice protein (Mouse)

Synonyms Murine Minute virus protein, Mouse Minute virus protein, MVM protein, Minute virus
Species Mouse
Protein Type Native


Source Produced in L-cells
Form & Buffer Supplied in 50 mM Glyceine buffer, pH 9.0, with 0.2% CHAPS and 0.01% SDS
Concentration 1 mg/ml

Storage & Safety

Storage Store at -70 deg C

General Information

Biological Significance Minute virus is an example of a Parvovirus, the Parvoviridae is a family of small non-enveloped ssDNA viruses with a broad range of natural vertebrate and invertebrate hosts, including humans, monkeys, dogs, cats, mice, and insects. Pathogenic members cause severe disease in the young and immunocompromised adults. As examples, the newly discovered human bocavirus causes respiratory tract infections and gastroenteritis in young children and human parvovirus B19, which causes a mild rash in children infects, can cause acute severe or chronic anemia. Severe anemia due to B19 infection of an unborn baby can result in miscarriage in ~5% of pregnant women who are not immune to the virus. Non-pathogenic members, such as the Adeno-associated viruses (AAVs), are being developed for therapeutic gene deliver applications.

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