Mitotic Cells antibody (10R-8086)

Mouse monoclonal Mitotic Cells antibody

Synonyms Monoclonal Mitotic Cells antibody, Anti-Mitotic Cells antibody, Mitotic Cells
Cross Reactivity Human, Zebrafish
Applications FC, IHC
Immunogen Mitotic Cells antibody was raised in Mouse using a total cell lysate of the human bladder carcinoma cell line T24 as the immunogen.


Host Mouse
Clone 8B3G
Isotype IgM
Form & Buffer Supplied in PBS containing 0.09% sodium azide

Usage & Assay Information

Usage Recommendations IHC: 1:50-1:100

General Information

Biological Significance The life cycle of a eukaryotic cell consists of various phases, two of which can morphologically and biochemically be identified. Firstly, during mitosis (M-phase), in which the cell divides into two identical daughter cells, chromosome condensation and spindle formation are microscopically visible. Secondly, in S-phase the DNA of a cell is replicated, a process that can be detected using biochemical techniques, such as the BrdU incorporation assay. In between the M- and S-phase two gap phases occur: the G1-phase, the gap between mitosis and the start of DNA replication, and G2-phase, the gap between completion of DNA replication and the onset of mitosis. From G1-phase a cell can leave the cell cycle and enter G0, a ‘quiescent’ phase. Regulation of the cell cycle predominantly occurs at three major control points, which govern the transition from G0 to G1, from G1 to S, and from G2 to M-phase.

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