Mouse IL23 ELISA Kit (55R-1778)

ELISA kit for detection of IL23 in the research laboratory

Synonyms Interleukin 23 ELISA kit, IL23 ELISA kit#
Applications ELISA
Assay Information Sensitivity: 31.2 pg/ml-2000 pg/ml


ELISA assay using Mouse IL23 ELISA Kit (55R-1778)

Graph showing ELISA absorbance curve (O.D.) of Mouse IL23 (pg/ml)


Form & Buffer This Kit contains: Lyophilized recombinant mouse IL-23 standard: 10ng/tube

Storage & Safety

Storage Store at 4 deg C for short term storage (4 months) or -20 deg C for long term storage (8 months)

General Information

Biological Significance Interleukin 23 was found during a genome scan for the IL6/IL12 cytokine family. IL23 protein is a heterodimer, sharing a p40 subunit with IL12, but having a distinct p19 subunit, which is IL23 specific. IL23 uses many of the same signal transduction components as IL12, so it binds to IL12R beta1 receptor, but not IL12Rbeta2. IL23 plays a role in type 1 polarized T-cell immune responses. Although IL12 strongly activates naive T-cells, the initial description of IL23reported preferential actions on memory T-cells to increase IFN gamma production and proliferation suggesting an important role for IL23 in controlling bacterial infections. IL23 has further been described as a key cytokine controlling inflammation in peripheral tissues. Over-expression of p19 correlates with inflammation in multiple organs and epithelial tissues including skin. IL23 was shown to be involved in inflammation of the nervous system and autoimmune diseases.

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  • <div><font face=Calibri size=2>ELISA assay using Mouse IL23 ELISA Kit (55R-1778)</font></div>     | Graph showing ELISA absorbance curve (O.D.) of Mouse IL23 (pg/ml)

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