Mouse Leukemia virus protein (30-1273)

Purified native Mouse Leukemia virus protein

Synonyms Mouse Leukemia virus protein, MLV protein, MuLV protein, Mouse Leukemia virus
Species Mouse
Protein Type Native


Source Produced in 17C1-1 cells
Form & Buffer Supplied in 50 mM Glyceine buffer, pH 9.0, with 0.1% CHAPS
Concentration 1 mg/ml

Storage & Safety

Storage Store at -70 deg C

General Information

Biological Significance The murine leukemia viruses are Type VI retroviruses belonging to the gammaretroviral genus of the Retroviridae family. The viral particles of replicating MLVs have C-type morphology as determined by electron microscopy. The MLVs include both exogenous and endogenous viruses. Exogenous forms are transmitted as new infections from one host to another. The Moloney, Rauscher, Abelson and Friend MLVs, named for their discoverers, are used in cancer research.

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