Normal Rat Serum (Heat Inactitvated) (88R-1032)

Sterile Filtered Heat Inactitvated Normal Rat Serum

Synonyms Rat Serum, Sterile Filtered Rat Serum, Heat Inactitvated Rat Serum
Species Rat


Form & Buffer Supplied in liquid form, sterile filtered to 0.2 micron

Storage & Safety

Storage Store at 5 deg C to -20 deg C
Biohazard Information All lots are tested negative/non-reactive for epizootic hemorrhagic fever virus

General Information

Biological Significance Normal Rat Serum, sterile filtered and heat inactivated,collected from 8-12 week-old sexually mature rats (Sprague-Dawley).

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Size: 500 ml
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