Peroxiredoxin 3 antibody (20R-2888)

Rabbit polyclonal Peroxiredoxin 3 antibody

Synonyms Polyclonal Peroxiredoxin 3 antibody, Anti-Peroxiredoxin 3 antibody, PRDX3 antibody, peroxiredoxin 3 antibody, 5'-methylthioadenosine phosphorylase antibody, anti-oxidant like protein-1 antibody, antioxidant protein antibody, anti-oxidant protein 1 antibody, antioxidant protein 1 antibody, aop-1 antibody, AOP1 antibody, BOS_23591 antibody, D0Tohi1 antibody, Ef2l antibody, HBC189 antibody, Mer5 antibody, mitochondrial thioredoxin dependent peroxide reductase antibody, mitochondrial thioredoxin-dependent peroxide reductase antibody, mitochondrial Trx dependent peroxide reductase antibody, MTAP antibody, MTAPase antibody, MTA phosphorylase antibody, perioredoxin-3 antibody, peroxiredoxin-3 antibody, peroxiredoxin III antibody, PRO1748 antibody, protein MER5 homolog antibody, prx3 antibody, PRX-3 antibody, prx-III antibody, Prx III antibody, sp22 antibody, SP-22 antibody, TDXM antibody, thioredoxin-dependent peroxide reductase antibody, mitochondrial antibody
Cross Reactivity Human, Mouse, Rat
Applications IP, WB
Immunogen Peroxiredoxin 3 antibody was raised in Rabbit using a recombinant human fragment protein (without mitochondrial leader sequence) purified from E.coli as the immunogen


Western Blot analysis using Peroxiredoxin 3 antibody (20R-2888)


Host Rabbit
Isotype IgG
Form & Buffer Supplied in liquid form in HEPES buffer with 0.15M NaCl, 0.01% BSA, 0.03% sodium azide, and 50% glycerol

Usage & Assay Information

Usage Recommendations WB: 1:2000, IP: 1 ul

Storage & Safety

Storage Aliquot and store for 1 year at -20 deg C, avoid freeze/thaw cycles

General Information

Biological Significance This gene encodes a protein with antioxidant function and is localized in the mitochondrion. This gene shows significant nucleotide sequence similarity to the gene coding for the C22 subunit of Salmonella typhimurium alkylhydroperoxide reductase. Expression of this gene product in E. coli deficient in the C22-subunit gene rescued resistance of the bacteria to alkylhydroperoxide. The human and mouse genes are highly conserved, and they map to the regions syntenic between mouse and human chromosomes.

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  • Western Blot analysis using Peroxiredoxin 3 antibody (20R-2888) |

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