PLET1 antibody (10R-8117)

Rat monoclonal PLET1 antibody

Synonyms Monoclonal PLET1 antibody, Anti-PLET1 antibody, C11orf34 antibody, Chromosome 11 open reading frame 34 antibody, OTTHUMP00000235436 antibody, Placenta expressed transcript 1 antibody, Placenta-expressed transcript 1 protein antibody, PLET1 antibody, PLET1_HUMAN antibody, Plet-1 antibody, Plet 1 antibody, PLET1
Cross Reactivity Mouse
Applications FC, IF, IHC-F, WB
Immunogen PLET1 antibody was raised in Rat using mouse mammary tumor cells as the immunogen.


Host Rat
Clone 33A10
Isotype IgG
Form & Buffer Supplied in PBS containing 0.09% sodium azide

Usage & Assay Information

Usage Recommendations Optimal dilution should be determined by titration

General Information

Biological Significance The 33A10-defined antigen is the orphan protein, Placenta expressed transcript (Plet)-1. Biochemical data indicated that Plet-1 is a glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored glycoprotein with N-linked carbohydrates in addition to other posttranslational modifications. Plet-1 is a a recently identified protein that as of yet has no known function and is not associated with any one family of proteins. Plet-1 is used as a cell surface marker present on stem/progenitor epithelial cells and in a number of tissues including thymus and skin, and on epithelial cell types in mammary gland, prostate, and pancreas.

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