PSA protein

Prostate specific antigen (PSA) is a member of the kallikrein-related peptidase family produced almost exclusively by certain cells within the prostate gland. Most of the PSA produced by the prostate gland is carried out of the body in semen, but a very small amount escapes into the blood stream, so PSA is normally found in low amounts (nanograms per milliliter or ng/mL) in the blood of men with healthy prostates, high levels of PSA may indicate the presence of prostate cancer, measurement of PSA levels can also be used to monitor the progress of prostate cancer treatment.

PSA is measured by a blood test usually using a monoclonal antibody technique. Fitzgerald Industries has a range of high quality PSA proteins and PSA antibodies for use in ELISA, immunoassays, Western Blotting and more.

We offer a large range of native and recombinant PSA proteins including a highly purified native PSA protein which is >95% pure and taken from human seminal fluid; recombinant PSA protein which are recommended for ELISA assays and Latex Immunoturbidimetric Assay; PSA-ACT complex protein, useful for determination of the ratio of serum PSA-ACT to total PSA which is increased in prostate cancer.

As well as our PSA proteins, we also supply a large selection of monoclonal and polyclonal PSA antibodies, ideal for developing your own assays or other diagnostic tests. We offer a comprehensive list of PSA antibody pairs for developing ELISA and lateral flow assays which are outlined in the table below:

PSA Antibody Pair PSA mAb 10-1122 PSA mAb 10-1123
PSA Antibody Pair PSA mAb 10-1395 PSA mAb 10-1394
PSA Antibody Pair PSA mAb 10-3143 PSA mAb 10-3142
PSA Antibody Pair PSA mAb 10-P20E PSA mAb 10-P20D
PSA Antibody Pair PSA mAb 10-P21A PSA mAb 10-P20A
PSA Antibody Pair PSA mAb 10-P20B PSA mAb 10-P22A
PSA Antibody Pair PSA mAb 10-P142A PSA mAb 10-7948
PSA Antibody Pair PSA mAb 10-7949 PSA mAb 10-7950
PSA Antibody Pair PSA mAb (Free) 10-1446 PSA mAb (Total) 10-1447



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